5 Tips for an Easier Apartment Move in Oklahoma

Published: August 3, 2016 10:13 am

You’ve found your dream apartment, you’ve signed the lease, and you’re excited to move in, there’s just one problem – you still have to pack up and move your things over there. While moving may not be the most fun part of leasing a new apartment, there are some ways to make it easier  so you can spend more time thinking about how you’re going to decorate and get settled in rather than how you’re going to actually move your furniture.

Cleaning an apartment

1. Clean up!

The hardest part of the packing process is the start, and starting can be a lot more difficult if your home is a mess. Cleaning up your home before you pack can help you organize your things more efficiently, and can make the process less overwhelming as you start packing boxes. Don’t have the time to clean? There are many cleaning services that can help you out, like CottageCare, Merry Maids, and 2 Green Chicks (an Oklahoma local company)!

Box organization

2. Strategize

While you might be tempted, don’t just throw your belongings into boxes without strategizing first. Organize your boxes by room, what’s fragile, and what you need to unpack immediately after you move. You can organize your boxes by color depending on what room they belong in, and if you put the items that must be unpacked immediately in clear bins, you will be able to see what’s inside and know what to unpack.

Wrapping breakables for moving

3. Wrap Up Your Breakables

One of the most common moving disasters is having your fragile items break during the process. Breakage can be easily avoided by wrapping your items heavily with newspaper or bubble wrap. Ran out of bubble wrap? You can also pack your glassware in socks to avoid breakage.

Donating to charity

4. Donate Unneeded Items to Charity

Packing your home can show you exactly how many items you have that you don’t use. Instead of taking the time to pack unneeded items or throwing them away, consider donating them. Many charitable organizations would love your items, and they could go to a person who may really need them. Don’t want to haul it anywhere? Organizations like the Salvation Army, Charity Clothing Pickup OK, and Habitat for Humanity can pick up your items from your house. These organizations will accept most items, including:

  • Appliances
  • Cabinets
  • Clothing
  • Most home items like flooring, heating and cooling elements, insulation, lighting, roofing, and windows
  • Tools
  • Lumber


5. Hire Movers – it’s worth it.

Although hiring movers comes at a price, it can be well worth it, especially if you are moving many fragile items. Most movers come with insurance, so if something breaks they’ll compensate you, instead of you paying out of pocket to replace broken items. Also, if you’re moving into the second or third floor of an apartment, having professionals move your heavy furniture for you can save you a lot of stress and energy, and help ensure you don’t injure yourself in the process. Some moving companies in Oklahoma include Ace Moving & Storage and Two Men and a Truck.


There are many ways to make the moving process easier when it comes time to move into your new apartment. Moving should be an exciting time; there’s no need to panic!

Need more stress relieving moving tips? Check out Ace Atlas’s list of stress relieving moving tips. You can also view our list of moving resources here. Still looking for your dream apartment? Contact us today.