What is an all bills paid apartment?

Published: April 7, 2016 2:39 pm

All Bills Paid Apartment

In an all bills paid apartment, you pay a flat rate, and your landlord is responsible for paying basic utility costs.

Which bills are paid depends on the apartment and the landlord. Some inclusive rents cover all utilities, including cable and Internet access. Others may not pay for everything.

What is the median cost for utilities in OKC?

Basic utilities in a 915-square-foot apartment — electricity, heating, water, and garbage — will cost about $153.84 a month in Oklahoma City. Factor in costs like this when deciding whether to live in an all bills paid apartment.

Tips for moving into an all bills paid apartment:

  • Make sure the apartment clearly defines what each party is responsible for before signing a lease.
  • Check to see if there is a thermostat inside the apartment to see if you will be able to change the temperature yourself if need be.
  • Ask if you will have limits on how much water or air conditioning you can use before you incur additional charges.
  • If the property owner says electric bills will be paid, ask how many gas appliances are in the unit so you can project how much money you will spend on gas bills.

Pros for living in an all-bills-paid apartment:

  • You only have to keep track of one monthly bill, you won’t have to remember all the different due dates that come with separate utility bills.
  • Monthly budgeting is much simpler. Ideally, you can take the amount that you would be spending on utilities and save it for other expenses.
  • There are no activation fees for utilities. Sometimes certain companies require you to pay an activation charge when you switch electric service into your name. Because you don’t have to put the electric service in your name, you won’t have to pay extra move-in fees.
  • There is no need to adjust your budget for seasonal costs. Utility companies adjust their rates based on the hot and cold months. Sometimes it can be challenging to plan your budget around this, but with all bills paid, your rates stay the same.

To figure out whether an all bills paid apartment is for you or to find all bills paid apartment communities in the Oklahoma City metro area, visit our apartment search page or give us a call at (888) 927-9238.